Tuesday, December 4, 2018

Advent 2018

   Our theme for Advent this year is, “Hope Is On The Way.” For thousands of years the people of God had waited for a Messiah. They anxiously waited for the promised one to come so that they could finally proclaim that their Savior was here. And then it happened, on a cold night some 2000 years ago, in a manger fit for only the livestock, Jesus was born. And the sad reality was that most people missed it. They had waited so long, and when the Messiah finally came they were too blind to see. This Advent season we will be reminded once again that Hope came in the person of Jesus Christ. We will look at the unexpected way in which he came and what we need to do to prepare for his coming. Ultimately we will proclaim with all the angels that Hope Has Arrived in the person of Jesus Christ! I hope you will join us for this journey and that your heart will “prepare Him room” as Heaven and nature sing, all proclaiming that “Hope Is On The Way!”

12/02/2018    Managing Un-Expectations       Matthew 24:36-44

12/09/2018    We Work While We Wait           Matthew 3:1-12

12/16/2018     Hope Is In The King                 Matthew 11: 2-11

1/06/2019       What Gift Did God Bring?        John 1: 1-18

Monday, October 8, 2018

Stewardship Series 2018

10/07/18      Growing in Generosity, Part 1              Malachi 3:1-10

10/14/18     Growing in Generosity: 
                      A Healthy Outlook to Giving             2 Corinthians 8:1-12

10/21/2018  Growing in Generosity, Part 3
                      Obstacles to Generosity 

10/28/2018  Growing in Generosity, Part 4            
                         Keys to Generosity 

Tuesday, June 5, 2018

The "Why?" Series 2018

06/03/2018   What if I Don't Have the Fruit of the Spirit?       Galatians 5:16-25

06/17/2018   The Difficult Parts of the Bible                           Matthew 5:17-20

06/24/2018   The Problem with Prayer 

07/01/2018   God and Country                                       1 Chronicles 7:13-22  

07/15/2018   The Fear of God                                         Psalm 34

07/22/2018   Heaven is Real                                          Revelation 21

Sunday, April 22, 2018

Mark Series

We spend a lot of time in the church talking about what the church is meant to be or how we’re supposed to act as Christians. And we spend lots of time and money buying books answering those questions. But sometimes we fail to do the easiest thing in the world…go to the source!  This year we are going to be going through the Gospel of Mark verse by verse looking at the source, Jesus. We’ll look at his life, his ministry, his friends, his death, his resurrection – all of it. Every week we will ask the question “So what?” What does this mean for me as a disciple of Jesus or as one who wants to follow him more. So I hope you’ll join us on this long journey through the Gospel of Mark as we seek learn more and more about who Christ by watching him first hand.

03/05/2017     Introduction to Mark                            Mark 1:1-8

03/12/2017     The Baptism and Temptation of Christ   Mark 1:9-13 

03/19/2017     Building a Team                                  Mark 1:14-20

03/26/2017     A Day in the Life of Jesus                     Mark 1:21-34

04/02/2017     The Kingdom of God Marches On          Mark 1:35-45

04/09/2017     Jesus "The God Who Forgives Sin"        Mark 2:1-12

04/16/2017     Jesus: Friend of Sinners                       Mark 2:13-17

04/23/2017     Jesus Makes All Things New                 Mark 2:18-22

04/30/2017    Our Rules, God's Plan                           Mark 2:23-27

05/14/2017    The Purpose of Religion                        Mark 3:1-6

05/21/2017    It's Hard To Do The Right Thing            Mark 3:7-21

05/28/2017    The Unpardonable Sin                          Mark 3:22-30

06/04/2017    The Family of God                                Mark 3:31-35

06/18/2017    Do We Have Ears to Hear?                    Mark 4:1-20

07/02/2017    Parables and the Kingdom of God          Mark 4:21-34

07/09/2017    The One Who Calms the Storm             Mark 4:35-41

07/16/2017     Jesus the Deliverer                             Mark 5:1-20

07/23/2017     Jesus and the Desperate                     Mark 5:21-43

07/30/2017    Jesus: A Prophet Without Honor           Mark 6:1-6

08/06/2017   Advancing the Kingdom of God              Mark 6:7-12

08/13/2017   John the Baptist: Legacy                       Mark 6:14-29
                     (A Sad End to a Great Life)  

08/20/2017   Jesus Feeds the 5000                           Mark 6:30-44 

08/27/2017  Jesus: The One Who Walks on Water      Mark 6:45-56   

09/03/2017  Jesus vs. Legalism                                Mark 7:1-23 

09/10/2017  A Desperate Faith                                 Mark 7:24-30

09/17/2017  Do You Still Not Understand?                 Mark 8:1-21

09/24/2017  Peter's Confession of Christ                   Mark 8:22-9:1

11/12/2017  The Transfiguration                               Mark 9:2-13

11/26/2017  Obstacles to Greatness                         Mark 9: 30-50

01/07/2018  Jesus, The Bible, and Divorce                Mark 10:1-12

01/14/2018  Let the Children Come to Me                 Mark 10:13-16

03/04/2018  Turning the Tables                                Mark 11:15-19

03/11/2018  The Issue of Authority                          Mark 11:27-33

03/25/2018  Palm Sunday                                       Mark 11:12-25

04/08/2018  We Killed Him                                      Mark 12:1-12

04/15/2018  Should Christians Obey the Government? Mark 12:13-17

04/22/2018  What Happens When I Die?                   Mark 12:18-27

04/29/2018  The Greatest Commandment                 Mark 12:28-34

05/06/2018  Seeing is Believing                               Mark 12:35-44

05/13/2018  What About the End Times? Pt. 1          Mark 13:1-23

05/20/2018  What About the End Times? Pt. 2          Mark 13: 24-37

05/27/2018  Extravagant Love                                Mark 14:1-11

08/05/2018  The First Supper                                 Mark 14: 12-25

08/12/2018  The King Who Suffers Alone                 Mark 14:26-52

08/19/2018  When Hope Seemed Lost                     Mark 14:53-72

08/26/2018  The Trial Continues                              Mark 15:1-20

09/09/2018  The Death of a King                             Mark 15:21-47

09/16/2018  The Glorious Resurrection                    Mark 16:1-8

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