Sunday, July 28, 2013

JOY Sermon Series 2013

Do you ever find yourself asking, “Where is the JOY that I thought I would always have?”  Or maybe, “I thought that by the time I got to this point in my life I’d have more JOY?

I think many of us find ourselves in that same place.  As things get busier and the economy drags on, as families become more fractured  and relationships become less intimate we need some JOY in our lives.  And it is our firm conviction that if there is to be a revolution of JOY that it will come from the very people that have the root of all JOY living in their hearts – Christians! 

So join us on this journey as we seek to find the giver of all JOY as well the sustainer of that JOY in the person of Jesus Christ.  All of the sermons in this series will look at how our lives, when lived for Christ, will intersect with JOY, regardless of the situation.  I hope that as you listen to these sermons you will be encouraged and challenged to grow stronger in your faith  - because, “the JOY of the Lord is our strength!”

-Rev. Matt Mitchell

1/6/2013The Beginning of JoyMatthew 2:1-2
1/13/2013JOY in the JourneyIsaiah 30:15-21
1/20/2013JOY in God's WordIsaiah 55:9-11
1/27/2013Joy in Forgiveness                                                 Psalm 130
2/3/2013Joy in the Church: What the Church Should BEMatthew 28:1; John 20:21; Acts 2
2/10/2013Joy in the Church: What the Church Should DOActs 1:6-9
2/17/2013I AM the Light of the WorldJohn 8:12-25
2/24/2013I AM the True VineJohn 15:1-5
3/3/2013I AM the Bread of LifeJohn 6:43-51
3/17/2013I AM the GateJohn 10:1-10
3/24/2013 I AM the Good ShepherdJohn 10:1-5; 11-18
3/31/2013  I AM the Resurrection and the LifeJohn 11:17-26
4/14/2013The JOY of ContentmentPhilipians 4:10-13
4/21/2013The JOY of God's Word
4/28/2013The JOY of God's FamilyGalations 3:23-28
5/5/2013The JOY of God's GraceEphesians 2:4-10
5/12/2013The JOY of a MotherJohn 20:20-23
5/19/2013The JOY of God's GraceLuke 10:30-37 
5/26/2013The Original Memorial DayJoshua 4 
6/2/2013The JOY of CommunityPhilipians 1:1-11
6/9/2013The JOY of PerspectivePhilipians 1:12-18
6/16/2013The JOY of FatherhoodGenesis 12:1-9
6/30/2013  A JOY in Christ that Overflows                           Philipians 1:18-26
 7/7/2013   The JOY of Unity (Again!)Philipians 1:27-30
7/14/2013 JOY in Missions: Radical Acts of TrustLuke 10:1-17 
7/28/2013JOY in Missions: Here Am I, Send Someone Else!Exodus 3-4
8/11/2013 JOY in Missions: Turning the World Upside Down   1 Thessalonians 2:1-8
8/18/2013 JOY in Missions: Haiti Sunday Matthew 9:35-38
8/28/2013 Finding JOY in Unity Philippians 2:1-4
9/1/2013Joy in Christ's Work Philippians 2:5-11
9/29/2013Paul's Roadmap for the Church  Philippians 2:12-18
11/10/2013 Philipians Series Philippians 2:19-30
11/17/2013 Paul's Life Goals Philippians 3:1-11

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