Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Generous: Stewardship 2013

Generous…what a simple and splendid word. From the moment God breathed life into his creation we have been the recipients of His generosity. At every turn of our lives we experience his incredible grace and sacrificial love poured out generously to each of us. Throughout the month of October we will be talking about this idea of Generosity. We will begin by looking at God’s Generosity on Display and how incredibly generous God is as he lavishes us with his love. The following weeks will have us looking at Obstacles to Generosity, Living Generously and finally Committing to Generosity as we each make a commitment to live generously throughout the year. I hope that you will be encouraged by these sermons and that you will see more and more God’s Generous love poured out in your life as you seek to be that Generous person He calls us to be as well.
-Rev. Matt Mitchell

10/6/2013        God's Generosity on Display           Romans 5:6-8
10/13/2013        A Healthy Outlook to Generosity           2 Corinthians 8:1-12
10/20/2013        Obstacles to Generosity             
10/27/2013        Keys to Generous Living

Exploring our Mission Statement

The mission statement of First Presbyterian Church says this: We exist to: Glorify God, Make Disciples, and Meet Human Needs. The following 3 sermons will take into account each section of the Mission Statement in the hope that you will be challenged to lived differently as a result. The Lord is doing something great at FPC and we invite you to join with Him as he continues to work in us.

-Rev. Matt Mitchell

9/8/2013         We Exist to Glorify God    Romans 16:25-27
9/15/2013         We Exist to Make Disciples    Acts 20:17-37
9/22/2013         We Exist to Meet Human Needs    James 2:14-16

Jesus' Final Days - Lenten Series 2020

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