Friday, June 6, 2014

The Book of Judges

We are beginning a new sermon series looking at the Book of Judges. I’ve never done a sermon series on the Book of Judges and I’m guessing you’ve never heard a series on the Book of Judges so this should be interesting. But I am excited to preach it because, as I have been reading it, I find it to be completely relevant and applicable to our lives today. You see, even though 1000’s of years have passed, humanity hasn’t changed much at all. We are still a people that struggles with the same cycles of sin that Israel struggled with in the time of the Judges.

When God called Israel to be his people he called them to be different…to stand out…to be a beacon on a hill. And that worked for a little while.

But gradually Israel started looking around and didn’t like being different. They wanted to look like all the other countries and do the same things the other countries did, all while trying to hold on to God as well.

And the message was simple…forsake the world and follow me alone…and we have been locked in that battle since then.

Will we embrace Christ and follow the way of the cross, or will we embrace the gods around us of wealth, power, popularity, etc. and follow the way of the world? I hope you will join us on this journey as we encounter God’s grace applied to our lives through this challenging book of Judges.

-Rev. Matt Mitchell

Just click on the sermon title link to listen, and on the scripture link to go to to read the appropriate passage.

Date            Sermon LinkScripture Passage
 1/12/2014    Introduction to Book of Judges 
 1/19/2014 Half-Hearted Discipleship       Judges 1:1-2:5
 1/26/2014 Walking Among the Idols       Judges 2:6-23
 2/9/2014 To Lead or Not to Lead        Judges 4
 2/16/2014 Rescued for Repentance       Judges 6
 2/23/2014 An Unlikely Hero       Judges 6:11-16
 3/2/2014A Crash Course in Humility        Judges 7
 3/9/2014The Reality of Leadership       Judges 8
 4/27/2014 From Bad to Worse       Judges 9
 5/4/2014 Jepthah Pt. 1 - "God's Sovreignty at Work"       Judges 10-11
 5/11/2014 Jepthah Pt. 2 - "Human Responsibility"       Judges 11-12
 5/25/2014 Samson Part 1       Judges 13
  6/1/2014 Samson Part 2       Judges 14-15
  6/8/2014 Samson & Delilah       Judges 16
6/29/2014 Why We Need Strong Leaders       Judges 17
7/20/2014 The Danger of an Easy Faith       Judges 18
7/27/2014 A People Without a King       Judges 19
 8/3/2014 We Need a King, Part 1       Judges 20
8/10/2014 We Need a King, Part 2       Judges 21

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